me and my wife

I am a husband, developer, musician and entrepreneur.

I have been a married man since February of 2014, working in software development since April of 2010, and trying to finish a bachelor's degree since 2008 (it's a long story). I love my wife, my church, my job, discussing ideas and building solutions.

Most of my days are spent doing software development for LiveQoS Inc. The bulk of that time is spent on web and mobile projects and some of it is spent on network drivers and operating system services. I lead a small team so I do everything from product design to marketing to SEO to development. It's a good time and I'm fortunate to have a job where I have the opportunity to influence and be influenced every day.

I believe diversly investing time is a good thing, so I always try to keep a few interesting side projects going when I can. Being involved in a wide variety of projects keeps me learning and expanding my experience and connections. Eventually I hope to take all I've learned and focus on an area that maximizes my output, but for now I'm still focused on input. Recently I've been working with the great teams at Habitat, Harvest Christian Fellowship, Roomease and G24 Hockey.

If you're interested in what I like to read, check out my list of books.

Some specific products I've been working on recently:

  • GA.TODAY – a simple iOS widget that shows you Google Analytics statistics on your today screen
  • SuperBeam – a super-handy mobile (and desktop) file sharing application
  • SuperTCP – a client application for Windows and OS X that helps accelerate up internet uploads
  • LiveInsight – network performance monitoring for your cloud-based SaaS
  • Hey Jane – a geo-centric messaging application (source code here)
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