Ghost + Heroku


Well, I guess it makes sense for my first post to be about the tech I'm using to make my first post. I opted for Ghost because I liked a lot of the Ghost themes better than the Wordpress ones I found, and I'm not planning on doing much more than blogging so I don't need all the fancy stuff you can get on Wordpress (though I'm a huge fan).


I wanted to find a free way to host this Node.js-based application so I opted for Heroku. Heroku is a great platform for hosting basic web applications and they let you run their most basic service for free. Pretty much a win-win.

I won't go through the entire setup in gritty detail (you can look here if you want that), I'll just mention some key points I noted along the way:

  • Heroku has an ephemeral (read: volatile) file system, so you have to store your images somewhere else (I used public Dropbox files. I also used Ghost's trick where if you put fileStorage: false in your environment's configuration, it will let you put in URLs instead of uploading files for site settings. Handy!

  • Google Analytics goes in the default.hbs file for the theme you're using

  • Ghost doesn't have a comment system built-in, for that I'm using Disqus. You just stick the Disqus code in the post.hbs file for your theme

  • Heroku doesn't support Ghost's default email configuration, so you'll need to use something else for production if you're on Heroku

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