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Add Google Analytics to Slack

Ever since I started building GA.TODAY for iOS/OSX I've loved working with Google's Analytics Reporting API. Google Analytics is a very widely used analytics platform for web and mobile, so it's been fun working on something that should be useful to a lot of people.

Well, even better (in my opinion) than Google Analytics is the Slack: the coolest communication platform ever. So I decided to bring my friends together with a free ($1/month after 7 days) little web application I'm calling GA.TODAY Alerts.

GA.TODAY Alerts let's you sign in with your Google account, loads the analytics profiles you have access to, and posts various messages to your Slack team.

Analytics Daily Summaries

Daily Summaries for Slack + Google Analytics

My favourite is daily summaries. A quick overview of your website or app performance for yesterday, and how it compared to the day before. I often find it takes too much effort to manually go and check on all the sites and apps I track, so having them pushed to me on my schedule to the relevent context is really handy. It helps me stay on track.

Analytics Alerts

Alerts for Slack + Google Analytics = awesome

Alerts are handy too. Instead of sending a broad summary, alerts simply give you the current (realtime) number of active users when the number is above or below a certain threshold. I use alerts to make sure I'm on top of drastic changes in traffic: if it drops to 0 I know something is probably broken. If it bursts above 100 I know I'm being talked about and I better check on my referrals to see where the traffic is coming from and get involved. It's really handy.

Slack Commands

On-demand summaries for Google Analytics in Slack

I quickly realized that as handy as it is to have a regular daily update, there are also times where I just want a summary right now in this channel so my team can be aware of what's going on. Enter Slack Commands: an awesome way of integrating with Slack that adds a /command to your Slack team so you and your teammates can get external information in realtime.

For now I've just implemented on-demand summaries and and currently active, but there is lots more I'll be adding soon. Because I (like most of you I'm guessing) spend a lot of time in Slack it's great being able to pull relevent information in quickly.

Coming Soon

As I use it and get feedback from those of you who have decided to try it out I'm going to be adding lots more. Things like:

  • Top referrers so you immediately know where your traffic is coming from
  • More summary metrics
  • More realtime metrics for alerting

If you're interested, sign up for free at

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