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Instant Access

Finally you can access key Google Analytics metrics without unlocking your phone and opening an App: get it all in an iOS widget for your today screen! GA.TODAY is the fastest and easiest way to get a brief overview of your website or mobile app's performance.

Why I Built GA.TODAY

Basically, I use Google Analytics. A lot. As soon as I had more than a few sites and apps I was tracking I began to be frustrated by the fact that there was no easy way to view high-level metrics of multiple views quickly. GA.TODAY lets me view–with just one swipe–a ton of information about all the views I'm tracking.

Realtime Data

GA.TODAY automatically shows the number of currently active users for your site or app, but you can configure your view to show active users, conversions, conversion rate or page views.

Daily, weekly and monthly metrics

GA.TODAY lets you configure which two metrics you care most about on a per-view basis. Currently, GA.TODAY supports the following Google Analytics metrics:

  • Users
  • New Users
  • Sessions
  • Page Views
  • Conversions
  • Conversion Rate

For each metric enabled on each view you have instant access to daily, weekly and monthly totals as well as hour-by-hour and day-by-day graphs for the last month. You can also select any point on the graph to compare that day or hour's performance against the previous period.

I'm working on adding more metrics, configuration options and visualizations to make GA.TODAY even more useful for all you analytics gurus.

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Get the iOS Google Analytics widget GA.TODAY now!

Alerts for Slack

Check out my latest side project, which puts Google Analytics alerts and summaries right in your Slack channel.

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